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Employee resources

Help your employees understand the full value of their health plan, including finding ways to stay healthy and save money. Download our marketing toolkit for your employees.

Getting Started toolkit (Member ID & Getting Care)

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Behavioral Health toolkit

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Health & Wellness toolkit (Case Management, Chronic Condition Management, Special Delivery, Blueprint Wellness, Preventive Care & Flu)

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Diabetes Care

BlueAdvantage Type 2 + Healthy Weight

Health Insurance Basics Toolkit

Arkansas Blue Cross

Online Tools & Resources toolkit (Blueprint Portal, Find Care & Costs & Blue365)

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Open Enrollment

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Pharmacy toolkit  

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Virtual Health (Medical & Behavioral)

Arkansas Blue Cross     BlueAdvantage

Employer resources

Sometimes you need more information on a program or resource that we offer. Browse and download the marketing flyers below that are directed toward employers.

Materials for employers

Download flyers explaining our products for employers.

Materials for employers

Download flyers explaining our tools and resources for employers.