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We use advanced data to advance healthcare for all

We have the insights to make a healthier workforce

We invest our talent in improving the health of yours

Our interdisciplinary team of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, social workers and non-clinical specialists believe that a healthy workforce starts with benefits that benefit everyone

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield delivers the power of shared insights through  advanced case management. Using data respectfully has the power to reveal trending health issues that can be addressed with meaningful interventions so that you can maintain a healthier workforce.

A healthy workforce can contribute to a healthy bottom line

A proactive approach to employee health delivers positive results for companies, and real-time data drives informed business decisions. Serve your employees better with accessible healthcare and implement health analytics to efficiently manage costs.

Using data to build tomorrow’s workforce has measurable benefits

  • Increased productivity
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Improvements in talent acquisition
  • Retention

Integrated health insights today lead to better performance tomorrow

It takes advanced data to find the opportunities to improve health for your team and help them perform at their peak. Looking upstream allows our case management team to find opportunities to improve your employees’ health before chronic conditions appear or get worse.

With the right intervention at the right time, companies can work with case management to focus on two outcomes: improved employee health and reducing costs. Our interdisciplinary team of nurses, doctors, pharmacists, social workers and non-clinical specialists are focused on that exact outcome each and every day. 

Data can reveal insights to implement a program aligned with your organization’s goals and needs. A large facility with 5,000 workers requires a different approach and strategy than a small manufacturer with only 50 employees.

We leverage the latest technology available to identify candidates for case management, all while remembering there’s no substitute for meaningful, person-centered clinical engagement and advocacy.

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Health management is critical for keeping future costs down.

BlueTouchpoint is high-touch, concierge case management.

Diabetes is a major cost driver. Technology can help manage employees with prediabetes and diabetes.

In 2020, seeing a doctor from a smartphone or computer became routine.

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