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Your members' one-stop-shop for behavioral health resources

If your employees or their family members are dealing with mental health, substance use disorders or neurodiversity challenges, your organization can point them to where to find help. Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s behavioral health site,, has resources that are available to them. The resources found on, our comprehensive behavioral health site, include traditional providers and crisis hotlines, behavioral health virtual programs, interactive self-assessments and educational videos.

“We created this website to assist members with all things related to behavioral and mental health,” said Martye Nelson, behavioral health clinical services manager at Arkansas Blue Cross. “Using this tool, they can locate providers, resources and support, both virtual and in person. It is also a hub for education and self-assessments to help identify what they need. And throughout the website, they’ll find opportunities to connect with our case management team. “

Besides finding general information for various categories, members can log into Blueprint Portal to check what programs are available on their specific health plan. For example, fully insured groups automatically have our full suite of virtual behavioral health support programs, while these are available to self-insured groups as optional buy-ups.

What kind of help?

Resources on are organized into five categories:

Find a provider

The Finding a Provider section introduces the types of behavioral health providers and how to search for covered local providers or connect to a case manager at Arkansas Blue Cross or a telehealth behavioral therapy program.

Get mental health support for adults and kids

One in five adults and one in six children in the United States experience a mental health challenge each year. This section reiterates how to find an in-network provider and explains how our virtual behavioral health partners can help members.

Also in this area, parents can explore Arkansas Blue Cross programs for virtual pediatric and adolescent behavioral health, plus a telehealth offering specializing in autism support for children and their families.

Get substance use support

Members can access tools for addressing substance use disorders, including education about Naloxone and how to get a prescription for it; the benefits of enrolling in one-on-one help from peer support specialists—people who have found success on their own recovery journeys—and virtual substance use support programs including medication-assisted support and therapy. Members can also search for an in-network substance use counselor or treatment program.

Explore wellness

A wellness section of details the many types of wellness support available via Blueprint Wellness (a service on many health plans), including:

  • Stress, mood and social connection
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Physical activity
  • Substance use
  • Insomnia and sleep
  • Financial wellness
  • Dental hygiene

Through Blueprint Wellness, members can also join more than 40 social communities organized by topic, generally topics involving fitness, health conditions, activities or lifestyle habits. Through these online communities, members can connect to others around the country who are interested in or challenged by the same kinds of things. The wellness tools also link to our Blue365 member program (available to all members) where they can find premium discounts on shopping for national lifestyle, wellness, fitness, personal care and travel products, and another area with recommended mindfulness and meditation apps.

Find resources

The resources section contains direct information such interactive assessments and educational videos, hotlines for different types of crises, our Find Help searchable database of community service organizations available to the public and other Arkansas-based and national resources specific to mental health and substance use disorders.

The mental health self-screening tests include, among others, assessments for depression, ADHD, post-partum depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, PTSD, youth mental health and workplace mental health, followed by information and next steps for addressing each issue.

Resources worth sharing with your workforce

“Promoting behavioral healthcare is an ongoing priority for Arkansas Blue Cross,” Nelson said. “And the work is never done. We continue to add to and improve as new resources and tools become available for our members. I highly recommend groups share this site with their employees via internal communications such as newsletters, email or intranet and encourage them to explore it. You never know who it might help.”