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What will drive consumer experience in 2023

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Happy Customers, Healthier Communities

The members and communities we serve are the core of everything we do at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. We continually look at our members’ healthcare journeys, what we call their “consumer experience.” Providing good customer service goes far beyond just being courteous. The consumer experience involves taking a close look at everything we do within the business and making sure that consumers are always at the forefront of our thinking. While it’s no secret that a focus on consumer experience can drive business results, as we move into 2023, organizations will continue to face pressure to consistently meet the needs of their consumers. A recent study showed that 86% of consumers would leave a brand after as few as two poor experiences. We recognize that as the needs of Arkansans evolve, we must remain committed to creating new programs to make their lives healthier.

How We’re Prioritizing the Consumer Experience

At Arkansas Blue Cross, we have taken several steps to support consumer and member needs. We want to ensure that everyone is empowered to take control of their health. By adapting to meet our members’ needs and empowering them to take charge of their health, we’re able to foster a loyal, satisfied member base. To best serve our members, we’ve developed the following principles and procedures to meet their evolving needs and assist people in getting the care they deserve:

Championing Whole Person Health

We follow a “whole person health approach” in everything we do at Arkansas Blue Cross. From designing our products, to providing case managers to help our members through unique problems, we focus on diverse and interconnected health needs. This healthcare method recognizes that various factors, including both physical and mental well-being, affect health. Because a person’s lifestyle, behavior, environment, and medical history, may impact their physical and mental health, we strongly emphasize addressing all the potential influences and offer members resources like behavioral health support and health education programs.

Eliminating Barriers to Mental Health

One of our most pressing initiatives is in normalizing the conversation around mental healthcare. We partner with local organizations to increase mental health access in our communities. Starting the conversation is the first step to ending the stigma surrounding behavioral health, but finding a provider when and where you need them isn’t always easy. That’s why we share resources to help all Arkansans. Arkansas Blue Cross members can learn more about available behavioral health benefits and additional resources here.

Empowering Members to Take Charge

Our Take Good Care campaign and the Blueprint Portal empower members to take charge of their health. We know that health literacy can play a role in whether or not people get the care they need, so we’ve designed the Portal with our members’ most significant needs in mind. It includes a clear breakdown of claims details like financial responsibility, so members don’t have to wait to see what they owe. Members can access or request ID cards through the Portal, find a doctor, compare costs, manage claims and coverage information, and more.

The Future of Consumer Experience

To keep people’s trust, it’s crucial to consistently deliver a high-quality healthcare experience. Therefore, healthcare organizations must continually engage consumers and raise their performance standards. One of the ways to accomplish this is by frequently inquiring about changes consumers would like to see. We regularly ask our members to rate their overall satisfaction with how they interacted with a representative or received care. And we don’t just ask; we act. Making those changes help our members identify us as a source of outstanding healthcare.

A great consumer experience can lead not only to positive business outcomes, but can make a significant positive impact on individuals’ lives. By listening, adapting, and innovating, organizations can better serve employees and communities.

George Burks

Vice President, Group Market

George Burks smiling

George Burks is Vice President of Group Markets at Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Burks previously worked 20 years with USAble Life Insurance and held the position of regional vice president of sales for the west region. Burks joined Arkansas Blue Cross in 2014 as a sales manager for the east region of Arkansas. Most recently, he served as lead executive of the Group Market segment, responsible for marketing and membership growth for all large and small group business, as well as ancillary products. Burks earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in management from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is on the UA-Little Rock Scholarship Foundation Board.