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One-card access to health and pharmacy gives your workforce confidence in their care

Healthier happier employees with integrated pharmacy

Confidence in care starts with simplicity

One ID card provides employees with the consistency and security of the most trusted brand in health insurance. One company means confidence in care comes from a single point of contact for customer service questions—and a single digital account to manage everything from one virtual place. 

Healthier companies start with employees who actively participate in their own well-being. Eliminating the barrier of fragmentation can lead to more engagement with health and well-being benefits, which leads to more confidence in seeking care.

An integrated health plan offers simplicity and advantages to your employees:  

  • One ID card  
  • Single point of contact for customer service  
  • One point of contact for treating physician  
  • One out-of-pocket maximum and deductible  
  • Single digital account and experience  
  • Consolidated payments  
  • Holistic clinical support across pharmacy and medical benefit

We work with you to customize health and pharmacy plans to balance quality, access and affordability

Your account team is prepared to talk to you about the best benefits package for your company and your employees. Employers of a certain size can unlock opportunities to customize pharmacy plan design and benefits:

  • Better health outcomes
  • Lower total costs
  • Superior member experience
  • Easier plan administration

We can achieve lower costs by improving employee health outcomes, rigorous cost control measures — including specialty and drug pipeline management — streamlined plan administration, aligned policy and comprehensive client support.

Integrating pharmacy and health simplifies life for both your workforce and you

Life is simpler with streamlined plan administration. Not only are you improving health outcomes for your employees and lowering your total cost, but an integrated medical and pharmacy benefits plan is easier for you.

  • One account management team and point of contact
  • Streamlined issue resolution
  • Coordinated benefits design and policy alignment
  • Easier plan set up and administration
  • Integrated reporting and analysis
  • Consolidated payments
  • Reduced issues with stop-loss policy

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