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The top 10 most-popular features of Blueprint Portal

We put a lot of emphasis on our member self-service tool, Blueprint Portal, because it’s at the center of each member’s experience and understanding of their health plan. But what parts of Blueprint Portal are most-used by members? What parts do they find the most valuable? Here’s a look of our ten top features of the portal and what they do.

  1. Dashboard
    Our Blueprint Portal dashboard will always be the most-visited page of the site because it’s the home page where everyone lands once they sign in. But it’s also one of the most useful. In designing the portal, we wanted members to be able to orient themselves right away and quickly see the most essential information, while easily navigating to other areas for deeper information.
  2. Claims
    Members want to know how much their plan is paying, and how much they will owe. Our claims page lists the claims received or paid to date and all the details and the associated Explanation of Benefits documents. Users can also export a list of their claims for their records.
  3. ID Cards
    It’s extremely helpful for members to have instant access to a digital version of their member ID card. The digital ID card can be downloaded or shared by email or fax and makes it simple for members to look up their member and group numbers or other pertinent details when visiting a provider’s office. If the member lost their card or left their wallet at home, they can still have their member ID card at the ready. Plus, it is useful for situations such as when a covered dependent in college needs to see a physician but does not have their insurance info. In moments, their policyholder can send the card to them digitally.
  4. Spending Details (Deductible & Out-of-Pocket)
    Another popular area of personalized financial information is the running tally of spending details. Members can check how much of their individual or family deductibles have been met and how far they are towards their out-of-pocket maximums. Even if the member has not kept personal financial records of their healthcare spending, we can provide these up-to-date details instantly. Members can also toggle back to view the previous year’s accumulators, a feature that can come in handy around tax filing time.
  5. Documents and Forms
    Members appreciate knowing where they can find their health plan benefits and coverage documents and having the ability to find the resources to submit forms such as claims and appeals. These forms are downloadable to print and submit through mail.
  6. Find Care and Costs
    “Who is in my network? Is this doctor covered?” is a familiar set of questions for customer service representatives. With our Find Care tool, members can see exactly which providers are in-network, and view provider ratings provided by other members. They can explore detail pages about the providers’ specialties and histories. For those seeking a primary care provider (PCP), they can see which PCPs are accepting new patients and compare them. The Find Costs component, available on some plans, allows members to research the costs of upcoming procedures, services and treatments and compare the expenses of different facilities where they could have the procedures done.
  7. Contact Us
    We understand that self-service health plan information is not going to answer every question. So, we have built in contact methods so members can easily find out how to reach customer service for answers about their specific coverage and claims. Members can send a message or speak to a representative at the call center. And we are expanding live chat functionality.
  8. Settings
    Not everyone wants to interact with Blueprint Portal the same way, so it is not surprising that Settings is one of the most-visited pages. Members can fine-tune things like personalizing their display name and change or add their email and phone number for their contact preferences. This section also houses the Terms of Service and other “fine print” documents about using the portal.
  9. Pharmacy
    Members with coverage from our preferred pharmacy benefits manager in their plans find the Pharmacy section of Blueprint Portal particularly useful. It contains their pharmaceutical claims history and order status (medicines received, prescriptions ready for refills, etc.). Also, they can also find pertinent information about various drugs’ costs, as well as their cumulative out-of-pocket prescription costs to date. Having these pharmaceutical records in one easy-to-access spot has many benefits and uses for your employees.
  10. Personal Health Record
    Members can access their personal health record (PHR) with a click on this feature in Blueprint Portal. The PHR is helpful when filling out new patient forms or whenever a provider asks about medical history. The PHR contains a list of prescribed medications, a history of outpatient and inpatient visits, including the dates, symptoms, diagnoses, treatments, surgeries and other visit information. The member’s immunization history is also included here. Blueprint Portal offers a Personal Health Record summary that they can easily save, print or share electronically.
  11. Additional features on some plans
    Beyond these sections, Blueprint Portal contains features like a robust and interactive (available on some plans) full of wellness information, personal coaching, self-directed challenges, chronic condition management and a nurse helpline. It also offers a place to sign up for Virtual Health, where members can reach a board-certified, experienced physician (including pediatricians) anytime within minutes to ask non-emergency questions about their health conditions.

To help members understand Blueprint Portal, we have instructions online, plus flyers and videos to guide them through setting their account up and accessing the information they need, anytime, from wherever they are.