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A pediatrician gives a Black child an exam while the child's mother holds her and looks encouraging.

Health equity and why it matters to your organization’s bottom line

Problems rarely fix themselves. That’s why Dr. Creshelle Nash, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s medical director for health equity and public programs, says organizations must approach improving health equity internally and within their communities with purpose. Doing so not only makes employees healthier, it enriches communities, increases productivity and...

What is the role of data in employee health?

  [caption id="attachment_1633" align="aligncenter" width="799"] Business success - An inclusive team composition[/caption] While many businesses are more aware that work-related stress can and must be managed,  burnout remains an epidemic in the workplace. According to the World Health Organization's definition of "burnout," this problem is an "occupational phenomenon." Burnout, combined...