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Pointing the way to better health

New virtual point solutions in health plan offerings

Certain chronic conditions like diabetes and musculoskeletal concerns contribute to groups’ overall medical costs while reducing employees’ productivity and well-being. A current trend in healthcare management is turning to specialty telehealth partners to complement employers’ existing health plan resources with care targeted to individual members’ needs and conditions. These virtual solutions complement rather than replace traditional providers, improving access to care for anyone with a smart device, no matter where they live.

These solutions also prioritize staying connected with patients so they can coach, monitor or influence their care throughout the life of the program, not just during virtual visits. They provide ongoing, sometimes daily, support from a care team that works on individual members’ health journeys.

Fully included for fully insured groups

To enhance our service offerings and improve member health and wellbeing, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has added a suite of innovative health solutions to our Arkansas Blue Cross and Health Advantage health plans at no additional cost to employers. You just need to understand what they offer and communicate with your employees about the newly available programs.

We’ve included these programs in our health plans because these high-value services have a proven ability to reduce long-term healthcare costs. We evaluated hundreds of vendors to determine the top-performing partners in each category. Effectively managing care, reducing medical expenses for members and achieving better health outcomes creates a happier, healthier workforce.

These point solutions are currently available to help your fully insured plan members improve their health:

Bright Heart Health: Telemedicine support for substance use disorders via outpatient and intensive outpatient services

Brightline: Access to virtual behavioral and mental health for kids and teens struggling with mental health, substance use disorders and neurodiversity challenges

GIThrive: Personalized digestive health solutions designed to help members manage and improve their gastrointestinal health

Lucet (formerly New Directions): Technology-enabled and human-supported behavioral healthcare, meeting needs on every level

Maven: Virtual care, emotional support and educational resources for families during pregnancy, postpartum and returning to work

MDLive: Simple, convenient and affordable 24/7 access to quality medical health

Rally: Digital health solution for helping members change daily routines, set goals and track results online

Teledoc: Mental health guidance by phone, video, app or virtual primary care

Verily: Conveniently allows members with type 1 diabetes to remotely monitor blood glucose levels and physical activity

Virta: Clinically proven, science-based approach to manage type 2 diabetes and improve metabolic health, working to reduce or eliminate symptoms and safely transition member off of medications as their health improves.

Vori: Virtual access to muscle and joint-pain doctors, advanced practice providers, physical therapy, registered dietitians and health coaching, aiming to reduce surgeries, physical therapy visits and costs.

We realize virtual care does not appeal to all members, but we recommend encouraging your employees and members to explore their new offerings. For many, this personalized, specialty care can make a lasting, positive difference in their health.

Customizable mix for self-funded groups

Starting January 1, 2025, these point solutions are available as optional buy-ups for self-insured (ASO) plans. Self-funded clients can mix and match solutions, based on what’s the best fit for your specific population’s needs. Your account team can work with you to analyze your data and determine what solutions will help your participants the most. Often, these partnerships pay for themselves in saved costs within a few years.

For more information about your self-funded plan’s curated mix of point solutions and the innovative, fully integrated ecosystem they share, learn more.