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Dr. Nash webinar on COVID-19

Vaccinate the Natural State

COVID-19 vaccinations are open to everyone in Arkansas and Dr. Creshelle Nash, one of our medical directors, has been busy hosting educational webinars to educate Arkansans about the vaccine. One of the more recent webinars included some discussion about the delta variant. Tune in to hear Dr. Nash answer Arkansans’ questions about the virus, the vaccine and more.

A vaccinated workforce is critical to ending the pandemic in Arkansas. As part of the larger Vaccinate the Natural State initiative, educational materials, video modules, communication toolkits and outreach support have been created to help guide businesses across the state through the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccinate the Natural State is a statewide initiative to encourage as many Arkansans to get the COVID-19 vaccine as possible. By providing reliable information, helpful resources and practical guidance on how to get vaccinated, we’re working to protect our communities from COVID-19, and end the pandemic in Arkansas.